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As a member, or potential client, you are fully expected to read and understand these rules.

As A small business owner I care for each of my clients,

Remember as our clients is your responsibility of payments or not been at the GYM.

We have regulations in place as we grow in order to help make operations and your experience at Body Soul Fitness.

If you have questions or comments regarding some of these issues, please let us know so we may answer them.

Rule #1

This training can be rely  fun but also takes hard work and there is no hand holding here. We treat our clients as athletes and will coach and

motivate them, but not coddle them.  We don’t like whining, quitting, or mad faces. You will lift weights, run, lunge, squat, and do other things that

you may never have done before. If you have an injury or cannot do the specific movements that are part of functional life please ask for help so we

can help you..

Rule #2

Our monthly rate are non-negotiable. We are a business and as such, we cannot make concessions or give discounts randomly.

This is our livelihood and we must make sure our overhead is met. Our rates are not astronomical or unsubstantiated – our training and results

speak for themselves.  There are other GYMs -who are more expensive and others who are much cheaper.

If we are not in your price range, you may wish to contact another gyms training facility.

Rule #3

We currently only offer a “ 3 Types of memberships “


Unlimited CrossTraining & Spartan SGX $100.00

Unlimited CrossTraining•Salt BootCamp•Spartan   $135.00

Salt BootCamps $100.00

Pay as you GO – $15.00 per class 

Saturday Spartan Training $15.00 



1 PER SESSION $15.00



An Auto-Pay system for credit or debit cards. We highly recommend clients to use this system as it removes the headaches for all parties in

remembering a payment and you will never be late.  If you need to split the monthly payment, please contact us and we will set it up for you.

Rule #4

If you choose to pay in cash or check, you MUST be on time with your payment and you must have a CC on file with us as a backup.

You have 5 days from your payment due date to submit payment. After that, we will charge a $25.00 late fee. Failure to pay at all during that month

will result in you being excused permanently from our gym.  If you are paying in cash or check, your payment dates are set on either the 1st or 15th

of each month dependent upon which dates work best for you in regards to your personal bills. We have this information in our database.

Please do not try to switch up mid-stream to prolong your next payment.

Rule #5

You may no longer freeze your account for temporary absences. You are either in or out. We have found the mass majority of account freezes end up

being “quits” and it causes us all kinds of billing headaches and more work than we’d like to deal with. You may join back up at a later time,

however, your rate may change if gym rates have gone up during your absence.  All memberships need to be canceled in person. 

Rule #6

You MUST notify us in writing of membership cancellation 30 days in advance. If you do not adhere to this, we will charge you for the current month.

There are no refunds if you decide to quit Body & Soul Fitness once your payment has been made and we were not given proper notice.

Rule #7

If you wish to make a change to your membership status, please notify us prior to the next billing cycle. DO NOT contact us after your payment has

gone through.  If it is after your billing cycle has been charged, it creates a bookkeeping problem for us and you will be assessed with a $10 fee

reversal charge. If the mistake is ours, there will be no fee assessed.

Rule #8

If you wish to bring a friend to a “Free Class” to have them get a taste of our GYM-BOX and training, we have no issue with that.

However, we require prior notification of this so we can approve it dependent upon what programmed training will be for that day. Some

programming is very hard to scale for a new person due to movement concerns, technical issues, safety, etc. Please let us know ahead of time and

we will let you know if it will work out. .

Rule #9

This rule also applies for potential new clients, Please contact us ahead of time to schedule a drop in and “Don’t forget it’s $15.00 for drop in”..