Non- Client Per Class  Option

No membership:

Salt Bootcamp: $15/class

Spartan OCR - Obstacle Training Class: $15/class

CrossTraining Class: $15/class


 Unlimited Training :  Set times $100,00  AM -OR- PM

Unlimited Membership Full Schedule: $130.00



= We do not “freeze” accounts. You either have a membership or you do not.

= We do not refund for ANY type of membership that didn’t get used or partially used. That’s stupid. You wouldn’t ask any other gym to give you back your money if you missed a month or had some other

 quitting, so don’t ask us either.

= We require a 30 day written notice of membership cancellation prior to your current dues being withdrawn.

All Cancellation be your membership before your due time will result in a $50

transaction fee to Body Soul Fitness.


If you cancel your membership and choose to return at a later date, you will be reinstated at whatever the current membership rates are, not your old rate.

All rates are as of January 2020 and are subject to change.


Pre Paid Discounts – 6 month prepay on any plan with full payment in advance.

1 year prepay with full payment in advance.
Family Members (must live in your household) 
Active Military, Police Officers, Firefighters and EMTs 


Membership contracts are six months or one year.
Bootcamp Training agreements are month to month.
Pay per class has no contracts – just sign in on non-member sheet before every class.
No enrollment fees; short term contractg available, please speak to a representative.
Free weight, measurement, and body fat assessments. Free nutrition guidance and meal plan information.